Places of religious significance in Salalah

Oman Monday 06/August/2018 18:24 PM
By: Times News Service
Places of religious significance in Salalah

While Salalah is shrouded in mist during the Khareef season, there are plenty of hidden treasures in this land; soaked up in history and heritage. After spending few days amidst the breathtaking greenery head off to the north-west part of Salalah, atop Jabal Attin, where lies Prophet Ayoub’s (PBUH) (Job’s) Tomb. This place of religious significance draws people from all over the GCC. You can take the road to Ayn Jarziz to reach here. The serene atmosphere around attracts many to this holy shrine.
Another place worth visiting is the resting place of Prophet Umran (PBUH). Known for the long tomb, it’s considered as one of the most significant place in Salalah. A little away from main city towards Mirbat lies the tomb of Bin Ali. The twin white dome of the white monument attracts visitors for its pristine beauty. The Footprints of Prophet Saleh’s Camel is also an interesting place of visit.