Packing a punch with self-defence classes

T-Mag Thursday 26/July/2018 14:55 PM
By: Times News Service
Packing a punch with self-defence classes

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) expert and resident coach at UFC Oman, Risto Dimitrov, highlights the importance of self-defence and how these exercises build one’s confidence and overall physique.

Taking care of yourself mentally and financially is quite a rewarding feeling for a lot of people, especially women. However, taking care of oneself physically is usually seen merely as exercising. In reality, however, that so-called exercise session goes beyond just hitting the gym. It’s about knowing your surroundings, being street smart, having unshakable belief in yourself, and having a sense of reassurance that can only be gained through self-defence classes.

Being attacked is not something to joke about. Attacks on women can range from simple robbery to aggravated assaults. However, in Oman, where safety is fully assured for women, they can enrol in these classes to master the art of MMA and the artistry that comes with it, while enjoying a heart-pumping session.

Women living in Oman are blessed to reside in safe neighbourhoods with almost non-existent crime rates. Therefore, taking self-defence classes here is more about building your confidence and overall physique rather than beefing up defence mechanisms in case of assault. Mixed martial arts, which includes karate, boxing, and jiu jitsu, can also provide a fun experience.

Risto emphasised that self-defence classes are important as they teach Omani women techniques that they can use here and when travelling abroad.

“This class will teach women how to defend and survive the streets around the world,” said Risto. “We are living in a dangerous world. Especially because we all travel around the globe, we could meet very dangerous people who could put us in life threatening situations, so I think (the classes are) very important for your life and health.”
Coach Risto’s class boasts a variety of self-defence techniques that he has mastered over the years.

“This class offers specific techniques for real or effective self-defence, adapted specially for women,” he said. “I worked on these techniques during my time in the army, as a security expert, and as an MMA trainer.”

The class features different techniques from the world of martial arts, applied on real life scenarios such as robbery, rape, attack, or attempted murder, to give students the full experience and benefits of mixed martial arts.

Risto mostly makes use of MMA techniques because they closely resemble the techniques used in street fights.

“I am trying to raise awareness in women’s self-defence as they are a gentle gender and have less physical power than men, making them a target,” said Risto. “I am trying to raise awareness on this by teaching women how to defend themselves and survive.”

The classes are open to anyone who wants to join and have a fruitful workout session. There is no age limit nor any requirement regarding physique.
So why join a class, you ask?

There are plenty of reasons why women should take self-defence classes in Oman. First, it helps women, especially single mothers and female commuters, protect themselves and their families from potential burglars. While it is true that women here live in a safe environment, it is great to have the skills in the bag.

Women can use fighting techniques against their opponents to stop them and get to safety. Jiu jitsu, for example, teaches you how to use the attacker’s mechanics, such as their height and weight, against them, while bujutsu helps you master the art of escaping the attacker without being harmed.

Second, by joining self-defence classes, you become a role model for the younger generation. Your daughters, who will be the leaders of the future, will grow up confident in their abilities and well-disciplined beyond compare.

Finally, you will become empowered as well. Many women enter martial arts classes with a certain fear in their eyes, but walk out stronger and ready to take control of their lives. It doesn’t have to make you feel safe from others; it can help you feel safe and happy with yourself and your own decisions.

Another benefit of MMA is that it helps develop confidence and self-discipline. In order to get the best out of self-defence classes and master the craft, you must first acquire self-discipline, as attending classes requires strong determination and dedication to the practice.

It also improves your physical conditioning. Training hard prepares your body for the adrenaline pump that hits you when situations that require fighting arise. In such cases, if your body is not used to fighting, it will not function the way it is supposed to. Physical conditioning is necessary, as it keeps your physical and mental awareness intact.

One of the most important benefits of the class is that it improves your street awareness, making you more aware of your surroundings and ready to defend yourself. During an assault, you might face a second-long shock, but with proper training you can quickly recover and assess the situation and react accordingly.

Participating in a self-defence class can have a positive influence on your life. It is akin to life insurance. It is also great to experience things that make you feel safe and happy, and self-defence classes do that, and more. So why not boost your spirit and bring out a more confident woman and better version of yourself? — [email protected]