Agreement for free WiFi at tourist hotspots in Oman

Oman Wednesday 25/July/2018 20:47 PM
By: Times News Service
Agreement for free WiFi at tourist hotspots in Oman

Muscat: The Ministry of Tourism has partnered with Omantel to provide high speed WiFi at some of the most visited forts in the Sultanate.
Through the partnership, tourists will be able to enjoy a new big-data based application that offers a comprehensive travel experience, in addition to a reliable connection through Omantel’s digital services.
As a leading national company, Omantel plays a major role in supporting e-government and actively participates in building bridges between the private and public sectors.
“The world continues to witness ongoing developments in telecommunications, and catching up with these developments is essential for Oman’s Tourism Strategy to meet its targets and increase the influx of tourists to the Sultanate,” said Tourism Minister Ahmed bin Nasser Al Mahrizi.
“By offering advanced technologies to tourists, we are helping them communicate more efficiently,” he said.
“And we are easing the process of making reservations, finding information, and travel maps. Tourists will also be able to document their journeys while in Oman, which will significantly help us in reaching out to a wider audience,” Al Mahrizi said.
“We value this strategic partnership with Omantel, a leading company in the Sultanate that offers advanced telecommunication services including smart solutions, and we look forward to greater collaboration that will lead to the further enhancement of current services and bring in new services at various tourist destinations,” he added.
“We have witnessed a major transformation in the tourism sector during the past few years,” remarked Talal Al Mamari, CEO of Omantel. The tourism infrastructure has been developed and the marketing strategy enhanced, and this has resulted in an influx of tourists to the Sultanate, as well as a boost in domestic tourism.”
“We look at this partnership with great importance,” he noted. “As a leading national company, supporting the growth of our nation is a cornerstone of our values, and this is why we are glad to join hands with the Ministry of Tourism and other government bodies. We always strive to deliver services that exceed our customers’ expectations.”
“Our cooperation with the Ministry of Tourism has reached an important milestone, and we continue to work together to further empower tourism with digital services,” shared Fadi Nasser, GM of Omantel’s ICT.
“The big-data based application, called ‘eConcierge,’ will allow tourists to plan their journeys beforehand and discover various tourist attractions, activities, beverage and dining options, and entertainment events that they can enjoy during their stay. This leading application was developed in partnership with Infoline and the tourism-specialised team from the National CEO Programme (NCP). Bahla Fort and nine other forts will be equipped with high-speed Wi-Fi connections.”
According to Nasser, Omantel has expanded its network in some of the Sultanate’s most visited tourist attractions, such as Jebel Al Akhdar and Jebel Shams.
“Aside from that, we have helped the Ministry of Tourism stay connected with its directorates in various governorates, thanks to smart solutions which include big-data platform and video conferencing,” said Nasser.