Facility for the aged in Oman

Energy Wednesday 25/July/2018 20:29 PM
By: Times News Service
Facility for the aged in Oman

Muscat: The wilayat of Rustaq is currently providing housing, health, social, and psychological care to 43 elderly people staying at an elderly home managed by its social welfare centre.
“The 43 elderly people includes 32 males and 11 females living in the elderly home,” said Khalifa Al Mayahi, head of the social welfare centre. “Their families are unable to take care of them.”
“Al Dar is keen to pay continuous attention to their personal hygiene, follow up on their affairs, conduct initial medical examinations with the help of the medical staff at Al Dar clinic, and transfer the affected patients to the reference hospitals in the Sultanate where their situation will be regularly checked around the clock.”
There are 51 staff members working at the home to provide integrated care for the elderly.
“The house has conducted a field research and prepared a report that looks into the health, social, economic, and residential aspects, in order to ascertain their needs and to try to persuade their relatives to take care of them, as well as arrange for their return to their families in case their condition according to the report requires it,” said Shefikah Al Hashimi.
“The home organises recreational activities for the house guests, such as leisure trips, workshops, and awareness programmes for society inside and outside the home, in cooperation with governmental and private institutions in the state,” said Mariam Al Khazairiya, a programme and community awareness specialist at Dar.
The elderly home also takes care of the psychological needs of its occupants.
“Al Dar is preparing a file for each case and educating the employees about the best way to serve the guests,” said Amal Al Kharousia. “It is also following up on the cases of patients who were treated in mental clinics in the reference hospitals in coordination with Al Dar clinic, and helping them integrate into the community.”