Discover Salalah’s old world charm

Oman Monday 23/July/2018 18:48 PM
By: Times News Service
Discover Salalah’s old world charm

Shoppers visiting Salalah during Khareef season are in for a treat, as the two treasured markets there attract several visitors who stop by to explore and collect traditional items. From artefacts and handcrafted goods, to incense and jewellery, these souqs promise an exciting shopping experience for all.
Though Salalah is known for its selections of fine perfumes, traditional souqs such as Al Husn and Al Hafah offer a glimpse into the traditional Omani culture in Dhofar.
As you walk in the narrow bylanes of these souqs you will find several shops selling perfumes and traditional goods. The whiff of frankincense will instantly draw your attention.
Popular for being the oldest market places, these souqs are spread over a fairly large area where you will find frankincense, spices, dates, and other items jostling for space.
Located in the middle of Salalah is Al Husn Souq, a traditional market characterised by its olden atmosphere and ancient architecture. Its traditional ambience and efforts to preserve the culture has made it a destination for many visitors, as it is evident on every corner and alley of the souq.
Goods such as silverware, jewellery, traditional guns, handcrafted goods, fabrics, and of course incense can be found displayed across the market.
For those seeking a pleasant escape, but also wish to stop by a traditional market can visit Al Hafah Souq, nestled in the coconut groves, three kilometres outside of Salalah. The beachfront souq is surrounded by coconut palm trees that lend a perfect summer feel.
The cosy area is known for its fine textile shops, Dhofari clothing, gold and silver, traditional artefacts, perfumes, and the finest of frankincense that will send your olfactory senses sailing.
Make sure to visit the little cafes within the souq, and buy souvenirs for your friends back home.