First intelligent sustainability conference to be held in August

Business Monday 23/July/2018 15:23 PM
By: Times News Service
First intelligent sustainability conference to be held in August

Muscat: The Sultanate’s first intelligent sustainability (iSustainability) conference, which aims to address how Omani firms can benefit from 4th Industrial Revolution technologies, will be held in Salalah in August.
The first-of-its-kind event will focus on sustainable goals that can be achieved by Omani firms using 4th Industrial Revolution technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), advanced manufacturing, and analytics.
“The overall goal of the iSustainability conference is to help Oman achieve its sustainability targets by empowering its people and businesses,” said Khalid AL Haribi, CEO and founder of Impact Integrated, Oman’s first AI-based business consultancy and organiser of the conference.
“We are hoping to create awareness among people and businesses in Oman about 4th IR technologies and the ways it could benefit them,” he added. “Soon, we will not need our youth to look for jobs. Instead, they will create jobs for others as they will leverage the use of these technologies and hence, bring Oman on the world map of global innovators. We have the talent and we have the resources. The only thing missing is awareness and once we achieve this we will certainly reach our sustainability goals.”
The iSustainability conference will have five sector areas, in line with Oman’s economic diversification plan, Tanfeedh. These include iManufacturing, iEco-Tourism, iAgritech, iFintech, and iLogistics. The conference will feature speakers and delegates from innovative companies in Oman and abroad, and will be a networking ground for partnerships between the two to increase productivity and innovation.
“The impact team is led by young Omanis from diverse engineering, technology, and business disciplines, who are in charge of designing and implementing innovation studios for clients to increase their performance by up to 10 times, an approach known as 10X,” added Al Haribi.
As a part of its wider initiative to promote Oman, Impact Integrated is organising the event in Salalah during the Khareef season to promote the city to a global audience.
“We are expecting around 300 people to attend the conference from across the world,” said Al Haribi. “We know that this time of the year, while Middle Eastern countries are drenched in summer heat, Salalah is blessed with Khareef. We want people from around the world to know about the diversity we have in Oman. As our company focus is on sustainability, we will see it in every dimension of our business.”
International footprint
Impact Integrated was launched in May this year to address the predicaments of Omani small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and the country’s sustainability goals. The company uses AI and advanced technologies to solve the problems of companies through four dedicated studios. The company was recently registered in Estonia and is now an international firm that can also vie for international projects.
“We are proud to have become an international firm after registering the company in Estonia,” remarked Al Haribi. “This gives us an international reach so now we can look at companies beyond our borders and partner with them to bring about knowledge sharing for our clients in Oman. We are very excited and hope to be one of the catalysts in Oman’s sustainable economic growth.”