Multiple victims reported in Toronto shooting

T TV Monday 23/July/2018 13:32 PM
By: Times News Service

Toronto: A total of 14 people including a young girl were shot while one of the victims died, Canadian police revealed while adding that the gunman is also dead.
One of the witness John Tuloch said, "We didn't know what it was, we saw people starting to run in our direction and I still didn't know what it was and then more people were running and we started running in the side street."
Local news reports quote witnesses, who say they heard about 25 gunshots in total starting at 10 in the evening.
Victims have been sent to various hospitals around the city. It happened in a busy neighbourhood in Toronto's east end, filled with restaurants and usually packed with people on summer nights.
Neighbours described the scene to local reporters, saying they heard shots followed by screaming.
A second round of shots followed.
Wwitness John Tuloch added, "It was very surreal, almost like it wasn't happening. But everyone was sort of moving and going away. It was like it wasn't happening, it's hard to believe it was real."