Our Oman: 'Proud to see His Majesty, the icon of transformation'

Energy Saturday 21/July/2018 20:24 PM
By: Times News Service

Ali Al Mandhry, former head of the Medical Laboratory at PDO, was only 18 when he heard the news that His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said had become the Sultan of Oman. At the time, he was living in Mombasa, Kenya with his family.
“We heard that there was a new Sultan in Oman who was calling upon Omanis residing outside (the country) to return home,” said Al Mandhry.
His family members, including the elders, all rejoiced at the news because, as Al Mandhry put it, “The doors of Oman were opened.”
“My father, in particular, was very much in favour of me coming back to Oman to take the opportunity to continue my studies so I’d be able to go abroad because Oman offered scholarships to youngsters,” Al Mandhry recalled.
“The idea was that after I finished (my studies), I would come back to Oman to participate in the development of our country.”
“His Majesty had a vision in 1970 that he would develop Oman and the Omani people, and that is exactly what he has fulfilled,” added Al Mandhry.
“His Majesty has provided Omanis with a way of life by developing education via the building of schools and colleges. His Majesty has also blessed Omanis with good health by building hospitals.”
Al Mandhry said he and his family had the opportunity to stand witness as His Majesty built the nation and led it into an entirely new era.
“His Majesty has transformed Oman into a different (country), similar to other countries across the world,” he said. “We are very much comparable to them now.”
“We are very proud to see that His Majesty is the icon of transformation, in addition to what he’s known for in the region - an icon of peace,” he added. Al Mandhry’s advice to the younger generation is to be proud of and to sustain what His Majesty has achieved.
“The younger generation should continue to work for Oman, to build Oman, and to continue the journey that His Majesty started,” said Al Mandhry.
Al Mandhry has contributed significantly to the medical laboratory at PDO. Now the chairman of the Pensioners Committee at PDO, he owes his success to hard work and, most importantly, to the vision of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos.