Stunning views and winding roads of Salalah

Oman Saturday 21/July/2018 18:14 PM
By: Times News Service
Stunning views and winding roads of Salalah

Amidst the rains, clouds, mists, and the lush greenery, Khareef is the best time to be behind the wheel and drive through the scenic routes of Salalah and its neighbouring areas. There are a few amazing drives that you can take from Salalah.
Drive north of Salalah via Mirbat and take the Sadah-Hasik coastal road which will take you to the tiny harbour village, Sadah. While Sadah is surrounded by black rock mountains and is by the sea, if you drive further you will reach Hasik where you can see some magnificent landscapes.
Ayn Razat-Wadi Sahalnoot is another scenic drive. See the green wet hills as you drive on the winding road beyond Ayn Razat. Do a round trip via Sahalnoot and if you are driving a 4-wheel, then go off-roads and enjoy the tropical forest road. Remember the roads here are narrow and have sharp bends as well, so it is important to drive keeping in mind all the safety measures.
A drive from Salalah to Sarfait is very picturesque but is approximately 160km from Salalah and takes almost a day for a round trip. Don’t miss the Dalkut harbour village on your way back. And for those who do not want to go on long drives can drive up to Ittin hills which is just 10 minutes drive from the heart of Salalah.
Take utmost care as you drive amidst Khareef wind, haze, and drizzle.