Residents, cabin crew can still buy alcohol at Duty Free in Oman

Energy Monday 11/January/2016 11:05 AM
By: Times News Service
Residents, cabin crew can still buy alcohol at Duty Free in Oman

Muscat: Residents and cabin crew can still purchase liquor from Duty Free market at the Muscat International Airport, according to an official at the Muscat International Duty Free.

The announcement came after a letter sent by the Director of Customs at the Muscat International Airport to one of the airlines, advising its crew that it was illegal to buy liquor from the airport duty free.

“The letter explained that the cabin crew, residents and Muslim tourists are not allowed to buy liquor from the airport. But now that rule has been cancelled after we responded to the letter directly,” said the Duty Free official.

He added that this issue had started in 2014 when the customs department had sent the first letter to Muscat Duty Free saying that after Ramadan, liquor would not be available for residents and cabin crew.

“We resumed the usual sale at the duty free market,” said the source.

He added that the customs department has promised to issue another letter to all the airlines. “The situation now is normal and the duty free market is offering its items, including liquor, to passengers and cabin crew,” said the source.

He also added that the situation is under study and there might be some changes in the future.

Except for Muslims, residents, cabin crew and tourists can buy liquor from the Duty Free.

The customs department allows people to buy two litres of liquor per person after landing in Oman. When any violation takes place, the liquor is seized and a report is written, but only in case of a Muslim passenger.