Khareef: Here are two places that all tourists in Dhofar must visit

Oman Thursday 19/July/2018 10:34 AM
By: Times News Service
Khareef: Here are two places that all tourists in Dhofar must visit

Muscat: Dhofar is a treasure trove of scenic beauty. With low temperatures and lush greenery, beaches and mountains, it is one of the most popular places in Oman. Out of the many stunning places in the governorate, the Samhan Mountain and the coastal area of Fazayah are two places that shouldn’t be missed.

Mountain magic

One of the most important mountain ranges in the Governorate of Dhofar is that of Samhan. The mountain stands tall at a maximum height of 2,100 metres, so by the time you ascend it you will be in the midst of clouds.

This mountain includes several plateaus that are punctuated by narrow and deep gorges, some of which plunge 1,000 metres down. In addition to that, the Samhan road leads to the Taiq Cave, which is a vast limestone complex set deep in the hills.

The place is also home to Jebbali, the indigenous residents of Dhofar's mountains. On the way, you will pass several of their low-lying traditional houses that look round in shape.

And in case you want to see some wildlife, the Jabal Samhan Nature Reserve would be a good choice to visit, as it is one of the last sanctuaries for wild Arabian leopards.
Coastal calm

If you want to spend your time surrounded by sandy beaches, high mountains, frankincense trees, and scattered islands, Fazayah is the place to be.

Located in the west of Salalah province and about 20 km after the Al Mughsayl coast, Fazayah is a coastal area which is usually inhabited by people due to its mellow weather and the abundance of pastures for animals.

The area is characterised by an attractive combination of the coast, plains and mountains. Small islands are found scattered along the area’s coastal line. Towards the north you have mountains and the Arabian Sea, while the east has Al Mughsayl and the Ras Sajer Mountain is towards the west.

On the Fazayah beach, one can also see a grounded vessel which washed up on the beach during cyclone Mekunu

Fazayah is also home to vast green areas that have frankincense trees. The trees add a unique fragrance to the air, in addition to that, the area is also home to the oud plant, which is locally known as Qatir.