Khareef Salalah: Fragrance of frankincense

Oman Tuesday 17/July/2018 19:37 PM
By: Times News Service
Khareef Salalah: Fragrance of frankincense

Of the many attractions that make a visit to Salalah essential is the beautiful frankincense culture that carries a revered history and the essence of what Salalah is all about.
The coastal town is known for its highly prized natural product that produces a heady, sweet-smelling incense that wafts through the open air and into the mosques, private properties, and other sacred places of Salalah.
In ancient times, Salalah was known for its frankincense trade. It was a cultivation ground for the trees that produced the finest of products, which was later dubbed as the ‘land of frankincense’. Today, after thousands of years, the place has maintained its quality, and people continue to flock south for a portion of this traditional goodness.
If you’re headed to Salalah for the Khareef season, make sure to stop by some of these places and explore the history that dates back to the medieval era.
You can visit the Museum of the Frankincense Land, where many interesting artefacts collected from the olden times are displayed, and take a photo with one of the oldest frankincense trees.
After the museum, drive to Wadi Dawkah, a Unesco World Heritage Site that is home to a massive forest that has over five thousand frankincense trees on its land, some of which are said to be over 200 years old.
For your final stop, visit the traditional souq and buy yourself a packet of this exotic product for your home. You can also enjoy a rejuvenating frankincense-infused spa treatment at the local hotels in the city.