Khareef Salalah: In the land of coconut palms

Oman Monday 16/July/2018 19:01 PM
By: Times News Service
Khareef Salalah: In the land of coconut palms

If you have been to Salalah, you most probably came across palm trees and their delicious fruit. You could spot them adorning the parks, stretched along the streets, and even cultivated and grown in private farms.
They are one of the many symbols that represent what Salalah has to offer. The coastal city of Salalah is blessed with a unique climate that allows such beautiful trees to grow.
Dhofar Municipality is looking forward to continue planting more trees in the governorate as they carry tremendous economic benefits, historic importance, and multiple uses in daily life, including the production of oils, pastries, cosmetics, cleaning materials, and wooden furniture.
Also, they are a highlight for the Khareef season visitors. You can get a perfect view of the palm trees at Ad Dahariz Beach walkway, stretching across the pristine sandy beach, and you might as well taste the fruit’s refreshing water, found at any of the tropical huts (also called stalls) in the streets. Popular spots include a spot nearby Haffa’s Oman Oil filling station, and nearby the Crowne Plaza.