Room for dairy in Oman to grow, reveals survey

Energy Wednesday 11/July/2018 22:12 PM
By: Times News Service
Room for dairy in Oman to grow, reveals survey

Muscat: Only some 44 per cent of the people living in Oman drink more than two glasses of milk everyday, a survey has revealed.
The study, which included both Omanis and expatriates, was conducted by Mazoon Dairy to mark World Milk Day on June 1.
Mazoon Dairy, the flagship dairy company of Oman, undertook the survey to assess dairy consumption habits in Oman and identify gaps and niches in the market. The survey comes in the wake of ongoing construction at Mazoon’s site in Al Sunayna, with production earmarked to commence by the end of the year.
Researchers also found that only a third of teenagers consumed more than two glasses of milk per day, indicating a need for dairy products that appeal specifically to their tastes and preferences. “The findings from our first ever survey on milk consumption habits in the Sultanate clearly show that there is a need for better quality, more variety, and more wholesome and nutritious home-grown dairy products,” Arjun Subramanian, General Manager of Mazoon Dairy, said about the survey results.
“Children and adults are not drinking as much milk as they should, either because of the lack of awareness about the nutritional benefits of milk or the lack of variety in dairy products,” he added.
“The results show a need to educate and spread awareness to encourage people to drink more milk. Mazoon Dairy is committed to addressing this need when we launch production in the fourth quarter of 2018.”
The survey also found that the majority of parents said they made it a point to encourage their children to drink milk either by pouring them a glass of milk, substituting other beverages with milk, or including milk in other foods such as pancakes and cereals. In terms of tastes and preferences, 79 per cent of non-Arab expats polled indicated that they preferred full cream fresh milk, whereas only 54 per cent of Omanis gave the same response. More than half of all respondents said they preferred low fat fresh milk, which is in keeping with market demands for healthier dairy alternatives.
The survey also found that consumption of milk in rural areas was slightly higher than in urban areas, with 82 per cent of people in rural Oman consuming milk regularly compared to 72 per cent in the urban centres.
“Mazoon Dairy was established to introduce a healthy lifestyle among all people, meet the nutritional needs of children and adults in Oman, and combat vitamin D deficiency in the country and the region,” added Subramanian.
“Our ultimate goal is to produce fresh milk and dairy products locally, which will contribute to achieving self-sufficiency and ensure the sustained growth of the domestic food production sector in the country and play a vital role in enhancing food security within the Sultanate.”