Oman selected to host logistics event for its strategic location

Business Sunday 08/July/2018 18:07 PM
By: Times News Service

Muscat: Oman was selected to host the upcoming International Road Union (IRU) World Congress thanks to its strategic location and logistical vision, a senior official at the IRU revealed to the Times of Oman.
Boris Blanche, Managing Director of the IRU, said the Sultanate beat several other bids to host the major logistics event.
"It was clear to us that Oman is located in a very strategic position," said Blanche. "Here, we are at the crossroads of Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia."
"There is a very strong and clear vision from the leadership and political authorities of Oman to make it a very strong logistics hub globally," he added.
The three-day global logistics conference will be held from November 6 to 8 and is expected to unite global experts, government officials, and business executives to discuss the future of the logistics sector.
"There have been very large investments in infrastructure," said Blanche. "You arrive in Oman via the airport, go on the roads, see the ports. Everything in this country is very impressive. It shows you the seriousness with which the government sector is implementing this vision."
"Another thing I feel is very important is that it is a very beautiful country," he added. "We are very pleased to bring our members and to be able to welcome the world to Oman."
Over three days, leaders from around the world will come together to shape the future of road transport and trade. The programme will focus on innovation and address logistics, technology, and the rapidly evolving industry. Participants will be able to network and exchange ideas and best practices through innovative and interactive sessions.
The IRU, a major organisation with 70 years of history, is present in more than 100 countries.
"We've been active in managing a TIR convention and a UN convention," claimed Blanche. "We are the private implementation partner of the United Nations. We work on an international level with the World Bank, the World Customs Organisation, the World Trade Organisation, and the UN, and we also work on a regional level and local level with our partners such as Asyad and Mwasalat in Oman."
A wide variety of new topics will be discussed at the World Congress, which is expected to attract more than 1,000 industry leaders.
"The objective and title of the congress is 'Innovation on the Move'," added Blanche. "We are going to talk about trade, as well as innovation and logistics, which in terms of the transport of goods and passengers has seen a tremendous revolution over the last few years."
Other topics set to be tackled by the world's logistics experts include automated vehicles, digitalisation, and drones, among others.