Indian Schools in Oman introduces purchase manual to stamp out corruption

Energy Sunday 10/January/2016 22:49 PM
By: Times News Service

Indian Schools Oman
Times News Service
Muscat: To stamp out corruption, Indian Schools in Oman will introduce a purchase manual to be followed while purchasing and contract process are conducted in the schools.
Speaking to Times of Oman, Wilson V. George, Chairman, Board of Directors, said that use of this manual is going to bring transparency to purchases and contract operations in the Indian Schools in Oman. “Recommendations made in the manual on pooling and the purchase of materials by different schools is going to benefit the schools due to the economy of scale and related cost savings,” he said.
The purchase manual for all Indian Schools was released by Wilson V. George, Chairman, Board of Directors, at a function organised on January 9, 2016 at Indian School Muscat.
Board members, Presidents, Conveners and Administrative Managers of different Indian Schools attended the function.
The purchase manual deals extensively with various purchase and contract processes carried out in the schools, and it offers guidelines and requirements on matters pertaining to budgets, cash and credit purchases, contracts, follow-ups and receipt of materials and inspections.
“It is a ready reckoner for all school administrators while dealing with the intricacies of procuring materials and goods for their institutions,” George added.
The manual was developed by a task-force consisting of board members, school management committee members, parents, teachers, purchase staff from various Indian schools and subject matter experts. “The team is going to continue functioning to work on cost effective purchasing for the schools,” he added.
There are also task forces under the Board currently working on developing a Human Resource manual, Health and Safety Manual and Academic Manual for Indian Schools.
The Human Resource manual, which will streamline the employee related process starting from recruitment, performance management, remunerations, and others, is in its final stage of development.
He added that the release of this manual marks an era of shifting Indian school operations from individual-dependent management, to a system-dependent management that is going to assure that the schools are more professional in their operations.