Volunteer campaign raises support for tourism in Dhofar

More sports Monday 02/July/2018 17:25 PM
By: Times News Service
Volunteer campaign raises support for tourism in Dhofar

Omani social activist Muna Al Mashani has initiated a volunteer campaign to support tourism in Salalah in a bid to show off the best of Dhofar to local and regional communities through social media and other communication platforms.
The campaign, called “Ukht A’sahab” (Sister of the Sky), is aimed at supporting the tourism sector in Oman and enhancing its relations, as well as helping national projects benefit from the most exciting season in Oman – Khareef Salalah (autumn).
“The campaign is aimed at effectively energising the tourism sector in Salalah and ensuring visitor satisfaction with the services provided,” said Muna.
The campaign also focuses on reversing the image and the real situation in Salalah after the cyclone, and dispelling all rumours aimed at destroying the tourism sector, which affect families that depend mainly on the autumn season for their income.
Muna said she believes that organising the campaign is a social responsibility, and she and her team have been working according to a strategic plan that was put in place for the campaign.
“It was a national responsibility after the cyclone, especially knowing that it is the number one place for tourism in Oman,” said Mirvat Al Nasar, a social activist and a member of the team. “So, after seeing the campaign’s goal, it was my duty to be part of it.”
Mirvat added that her voice and that of other activists was important to deliver the message and to enrich and support tourism by showcasing the natural beauty Dhofar has to offer.
She also thanked Shaikh Zakariya Al Ghassani for his tremendous support.
The organisers of the campaign held a press conference at the Omani Association for Journalists to further clarify the goals of the initiative and to talk in detail about the plans, the next stages, the supporters, and the volunteer teams that recently joined the campaign, including Oman Riders.
The campaign featured free marketing and advertising plans for project owners in Salalah and a special smartphone application and website aimed at facilitating the needs of the Autumn Festival. The team also flew to Dhofar for a field visit across various tourist spots and to check on repairs after the devastation brought about by cyclone Mekunu.
The campaign trended for three days on social media, garnering a total of 8 million views worldwide. As a result, it received extensive coverage in the print and digital media, TV, and other video platforms, including Al Jazeera, Al Arabiya TV, and MBC Group, as well as shout-outs from social media influencers and celebrities such as Arab sensation Ahlam.
The effort to celebrate Khareef Salalah has received widespread praise from people in and out of Oman, making it a true success story. The campaign team is continuing its efforts on social media with the aim of spreading their message to encourage tourists to visit during Oman’s favourite season.
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