Smart, healthful snack tips for people on the move

Lifestyle Monday 25/June/2018 17:19 PM
By: Times News Service
Smart, healthful snack tips for people on the move

Does your schedule, have you on-the-move? Check out these easy ways to healthfully keep hunger at bay, no matter where your busy life takes you, including at home.
Make Mini Meals
Instead of big heavy meals, think in smaller bites. Combine your favourite proteins, veggies, fruits and nuts into “snack style” meals that leave you satisfied, but not low on energy from just eating too much. Pick flavourful foods for lasting satisfaction.
Go Mediterranean
The Mediterranean diet is renowned for being both delicious and healthful. So, skip the chips and take a culinary cue from this region of the world for smarter snacking. Flavourful, low-calorie, and low-carb olives provide a great centrepiece to any snack.
Desk Drawer Delights
Sitting for long hours takes its toll. Take a brisk walk every day for a healthier outcome. A little snack afterwards is a welcome reward. Keep fruit, olives or a handful of nuts on-hand to avoid junk food.
100 Calories or Less is Best
Keep an eye on packaged food labels and be aware of the calorie count of your favourite snack items. For example, 10 large olives are only about 35 calories and a small apple is about 75 calories. A protein rich hard-boiled egg is about 80 calories and 10 almonds are 70 calories. Having knowledge about your food gives you control and prevents later regrets.
Boarding Passes
Air travel is now notoriously lacking in tasty onboard snacks, save for a few peanuts often drenched in sugar. Packing some satisfying snacks with good fats and proteins is the trick to battling inflight munchies. Olives, roasted seeds and nuts, crunchy carrot sticks and a few squares of cheese can be life savers.
Power to the Pantry
Being prepared applies here! Keeping your pantry and refrigerator stocked with the right foods is key to being a super-snacker, not a slacker snacker, and will help to satisfy cravings and curb weight gain. Don’t even allow the junk foods in the door!
A well-provisioned pantry should include seeds, nuts, dried fruits, olives in portioned cups and some lean jerky snacks. Stock the refrigerator with portion-controlled cheese snack squares and sticks, chilled sparkling water, fresh veggie slices, hard-boiled eggs, and tofu squares. With these tips, you’re ready to power-snack and stay fuelled for whatever your day throws at you.