Do you have an acid reflux problem?

Lifestyle Saturday 23/June/2018 19:00 PM
By: Times News Service
Do you have an acid reflux problem?

Acid reflux is a digestive condition that requires a diet change and the way you eat your food. Learn what acid reflux is and how you can use three remedies to reduce its affects.
Most people have digestive problems that create a variety of illnesses that we see as they age. The main problem is with the food that they eat. As has already been said many times, we eat more junk, processed, and packaged food than our stomach can digest. We eat more meat and protein then we should. We drink more unusual drinks that are mainly sugar.
You need to eat more fresh vegetables and fruits. This will minimise any acid reflux problems you might have.
Your body is designed to be electrically balanced. This is done by eating both acid and alkaline foods. If you eat too much acid food or alkaline food you move towards illness. Acid reflux is one of these illnesses.
When too much acid food is eaten, the stomach can’t digest it completely. The excess undigested food turns into acid waste. This waste causes stomach spasms or twitching that causes an increase in stomach gas that pops open the valve between the oesophagus and stomach.
Acidic stomach content is sucked into the oesophagus causing a burning sensation in the chest and throat. This is acid reflux or heartburn.
Acid Reflux Remedies
Here are three acid reflux remedies that you can start using right away to decrease the effects of acid reflux
* Digestive enzymes – Just before you eat, take some digestive enzymes. There are a variety of types that you can buy. Digestive enzymes will help you digest your food in the stomach and lessen the work the stomach has to do. But don’t take enzymes if you have an ulcer.
* Drinking water – When eating your meal, don’t drink any cold liquid. Cold liquid in the stomach decreases the digestive activity and your food will take longer to digest. It is best not to drink any water with your meal since this decreases the strength of your hydrochloric acid. If you have to drink water to clear your throat, drink water at room temperature.
* Vegetables – Eat vegetables with lunch and dinner and decrease the amount of meat and protein you eat. Don’t over eat since this puts an extra load on your stomach and you may not be able to digest all this food. Try eating your vegetables raw when possible since this gives you extra enzymes and plenty of minerals. Any time you eat bread eat it with some vegetables. Bread is hard to digest and the added fibre helps its digestion and helps to move it through the colon faster.
Just doing these three suggestions will help you improve your digestion and help to relieve your acid reflux. Concentrate on changing your eating habits and the types and quantities of food that you eat, if you want to stop the effects of acid reflux.