Expat scams Oman resident of OMR7,300

Energy Tuesday 19/June/2018 14:05 PM
By: Times News Service
Expat scams Oman resident of OMR7,300

Muscat: An African national has been arrested for scamming another expat resident of OMR7,300, the Royal Oman Police (ROP) has said.
Police sources revealed, "The African national managed to trick the resident after he claimed that he would partner with the victim in a commercial project. The victim handed over more than OMR7,300," and then discovered that it was all a fraud.
In another case, a citizen filed a report to the police department in Azaiba claiming that "an Omani scammed him after agreeing to complete government transaction in return for a sum of money." According to police, the accused violated the agreement and took the money.
All suspects were arrested and transferred to the judicial authorities to complete the investigation.
The Royal Oman Police called on residents to be vigilant in financial transactions and warns against the recent cases of "witchcraft and fraud by African nationals".