Clothes to bring out the elegance in you this Eid

T-Mag Wednesday 06/June/2018 13:06 PM
By: Times News Service
Clothes to bring out the elegance in you this Eid

Have you ever wondered what a collection dedicated to the elegant lady would look like? The answer lies in the Spring/Summer 2018 collection of the Oman-based, Italian-inspired fashion brand, Meli’s By Reflection, which released its collection for the occasion of Eid Al Fitr for elegant women.

Given that Eid is around the corner, women in Oman are on the lookout for something edgy yet classy to sport on the first few days of the traditional festivity, and these effortless looking dresses do just the trick.

Designed by Sahar Al Aufi, the brand combines beautiful silhouettes that carry Italian flavours to bring out the classiness in you. Usually, the brand dives into a variety of patterned pieces and elaborate designs, but for 2018, Al Aufi opted for a classic, elegant look that can be worn by women from the Gulf, Arabic women, and Europeans, too.
Her latest collection is inspired by love and nature, two of the designer’s favourite elements that have an effect on her life. It is a personal collection that brings out the essence of the true lady.

In this collection, Al Aufi used floral and seaweed-shaped designs to showcase her love of nature, and she made sure that love is well represented inside each dress and colour, which comes in beautiful off-white, gold, purple, red, and black.

What makes this collection special is the refined simplicity that elevates the overall elegance that a woman would carry the minute she puts it on.
“I love to keep my designs simple and focus on the power of the dress and the quality of the work, starting from the embroidery of the fabric and the design to the stitching,” she said.

“The most intriguing part, as always, is putting together the concept. Sometimes I study, I look, and I concentrate. I sleep on the idea, and while sleeping I start to draw the dress in my dreams, my imagination. When I wake up, I trust my dream. I follow it and I make it. Eventually, it’s all about the power of believing in yourself and the power of your dreams,” she added.

The whole collection showcases 25 beautifully crafted designs for women. Whether you have a ball this weekend, or are looking for a dress for Eid, stop by Meli’s By Reflection in Qurum and prepare to be amazed. —[email protected]