Cumberbatch saves the day for London deliveryman

T TV Sunday 03/June/2018 13:45 PM
By: Times News Service

London: Actor Benedict Cumberbatch, known for his crime-fighting role as Sherlock Holmes and for playing super hero Doctor Strange, is being hailed as a hero after news of his stopping a group of muggers became public this week.
Last November the 41-year-old movie star actually got to be a real-life hero.
The Sun newspaper reported on Saturday that the actor who plays the fictional crime-fighter Sherlock Holmes chased away four assailants as they tried mugging a cyclist in London.
According to the paper, Cumberbatch was in an Uber when the car came across a food delivery man being attacked. The driver, Manuel Dias, told the Sun, Cumberbatch ran up and pulled the assailants away before they fled. Cumberbatch, who also plays comic book superhero Doctor Strange, told the Sun he was not a hero.