A healthier, happier summer starts with these tips

Lifestyle Saturday 02/June/2018 19:28 PM
By: Times News Service
A healthier, happier summer starts with these tips

Your path to success begins with these four tips.
* Start your day off right. Summertime is full of indulgences, from ice cream cones to cool drinks. Don't be afraid to dig into these treats, but make sure the rest of the day stays balanced. Everything in moderation, as they say. A bagel or toast with a quick spread of cream cheese made with no artificial flavours or preservatives is a quick, nutritious way to start your day off on the right foot. Give it a try and you'll find an entirely new breakfast routine to fuel your summer fun.
* Grab some shades. Proper eye care is advised all year long, but it's especially important in the summer when you're outside in the sun. Invest in a good pair of shades capable of blocking at least 99 per cent of all ultraviolet A and B rays. Then make sure you wear them when you're outdoors. Not only will you look incredibly cool and chic, you'll also reduce the possibility of wrinkles developing around your eyes and ward off cataracts.
* Serve up healthy snacks. Having a casual neighbourhood get-together calls for easy, bite-sized snacks to complement your summer drinks. Skip the chips and aim for healthy snacks instead.
* Take that vacation. Yes, actually take it. Your total health is more than just your physical well-being; it's your mental health as well. Nothing helps you reset the batteries like a good vacation. With that in mind, make sure your vacation doesn't create stress. Keep travel and related expenses to a minimum and you'll spend more time enjoying your vacation and less time wondering how to get everywhere and pay for it. If travelling overseas or taking a whole week away is too big of a leap, instead try a long weekend in your own country. There are options at every budget level.