Video: Man drifting crashes car into pole in Oman

Energy Saturday 02/June/2018 10:52 AM
By: Times News Service

Muscat: One man was arrested after a video of him drifting and crashing his car into a pole was circulated on social media, the Royal Oman Police (ROP) announced.
In the video, the car is drifting at high speed, before crashing into a pole and coming to a stop. Onlookers are seen rushing to help the driver, with police authorities revealing that a few people even helped him escape.
In a statement online ROP said, "The police command of Al Batinah north governorate arrested the owner of the vehicle, [who was recorded] drifting. The video was circulated on social media and the driver escaped [from the scene] and hid his vehicle with the help of others.
"The people who helped the driver escape will be charged by the police on account of intervening in an act that violates [the law] and endangers the lives of others,” ROP added.