Ramadan: Drink water to replenish your health

Home & Away Saturday 26/May/2018 18:24 PM
By: Times News Service
Ramadan: Drink water to replenish your health

Health Tips
Stay Hydrated

Fighting a constant battle against thirst in Ramadan can be avoided if you kept yourself hydrated and consumed the right fluids. Culturally, drinks such as Vimto and other sugary juices are considered Ramadan staples but they do little to no benefit for our overall health. Instead, focus on drinking water to replenish your health, and continue to sip on water throughout the night. The same goes to food, opt for dishes with high water content.

Images of Worship
Masjid Moosa Abdulrahman
If you happen to visit the Corniche side of the traditional Souq Seeb, you’d spot a massive, recently renovated mosque, Masjid Moosa Abdulrahman, tucked between Omani dishdasha shops, facing Bushra Al Khair shopping centre. The mosque sports an all-white minimalistic exterior that adds modern touches to this beautiful place of worship. And, inside the mosque, you’ll be greeted with white gigantic columns that are just beautiful in design.

*This mosque has a Ladies’ Prayer Hall