Muriya's union ensures higher minimum wage for Omanis

Energy Monday 21/May/2018 20:53 PM
By: Times News Service
Muriya's union ensures higher minimum wage for Omanis

Muscat: Muriya’s trade union has managed to get several benefits for its employees, such as a higher minimum wage.
The eighth edition of the General Federation of Oman Trade Unions’ (GFOTU) “Sawaid” report highlights the achievements of some of the trade unions in the Sultanate; notably, the success of the Salalah beach development company, Muriya’s trade union.
The union has been able to get a number of benefits for its workers; mainly, “obtaining a living allowance, raising wages to a minimum of OMR400, facilitating the upgrade of a number of workers, employing a number of people with special needs, employing a professional health and safety supervisor, and a security supervisor.”
Workers also received employment cards, and an office for the trade union.
The union was established in January 21, 2012, with the participation of 80 workers.
The benefits were negotiated through sustained communication between the trade union and the management. This included assigning a day of each month to meet the company’s management and using the company’s email and communication channels.
Despite the success, the trade union says it has faced challenges as many workers ignore trade union members, believing their role is ineffective. According to the union, “We still suffer from the culture towards the labour law and the role of the trade union, where most workers still do not realise the value of the union and its role in improving their working conditions.”