Ramadan: Spirit of the Holy Month

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By: Times News Service
Ramadan: Spirit of the Holy Month

Images of worship: Jame’ Abdul Mun’em Bin Yusef Al Zawawi
The majestically looking mosque we spot at the service road of Al Khuwair highway, facing the ministries district, is called Jame’ Abdul Mun’em Bin Yusef Al Zawawi, locally known as the Zawawi mosque. This holy place of worship was built in 1985 by his son Omar and his siblings in memory of their father. The mosque is situated on a squared grass land, where it serves true architectural elegance. You can even take a nap under its shadowy trees. The spectacular exterior is decorated with stones and tiles in a soft beige colour, and sports a huge gilded dome, along with Islamic gilded patterns, lending the place a sense of royal luxury.

Health tips: Suhoor
Suhoor or the pre-dawn meal is very important for a person who is fasting during Ramadan. It provides strength and nutrition for the rest of the day. So it’s important to eat well and healthy too. One must not overeat during Suhoor, instead should eat a proper wholesome meal with cereals, fresh fruits, and juices. Never skip Suhoor.
A balanced Suhoor is key to healthy and safe fasting. Remember to eat a balanced meal just before Fajr. Fasting without Suhoor may cause headache, dehydration, and fatigue. Eating too much during Suhoor will burden your stomach and can lead to indigestion and heartburn. So moderation is the key.