Time to detox your body

Lifestyle Saturday 02/April/2016 18:56 PM
By: Times News Service
Time to detox your body

Detoxing is an effective way to clear the body of harmful toxins and enhance one’s health. But before starting any strict body detox regimen, one must remember to consult a doctor.
Start the day off right
Start your day with nutritious, fibrous food like whole-grain cereals with milk or fruit smoothies blended with flax seed that provides energy for the whole day. Avoid having sandwiches and sugary pastries that are loaded with fat, sugar, and salt.
Become a “diet detective”
Read labels to find hidden sources of sugar. Tomato sauce, salad dressings, canned soups and some yoghurts contain surprisingly high amounts of sugar.
Drink more water
Drink water in plenty every day to help rid your body of toxins. Water an essential part to maintaining proper health. Keep a track of water consumption. Aim for eight glasses of water every day.
Eliminate saturated fat
It means looking for low-fat foods that contain the good but not the bad. For example, while whole-milk dairy products contain calcium, they also can raise bad cholesterol. Whole, plant-based foods like soy beans, kale, bok choy, almonds, and figs provide calcium without saturated fat.
Flush out the toxins
Dehydration can zap energy, but don’t reach for sugary sodas, coffee drinks or juices that cause a temporary boost followed by a crash. Drink plenty of pure, filtered water throughout the day to flush out the toxins and keep energy levels stable.
Curb the caffeine
Too much caffeine can have a toxic effect on the body. Cut down on caffeinated beverages, and replace them with water, especially enhanced, alkaline, ionised water, which has been shown to promote energy and overall health by allowing the body to absorb the water more quickly.