Debunking the common weight-loss myths

Lifestyle Saturday 02/April/2016 18:33 PM
By: Times News Service
Debunking the common weight-loss myths

Victoria’s Secret media influencer and TV personality Amy Kitchingman reveals four of the worst weight-loss myths.
Have you been working out so hard for more than six months now but you have not seen any result so far? Have you been skipping that dessert since Christmas but you are still desperately looking at that sagging stomach? Have you been aiming and rushing to lose weight for the summer season but you can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel?
Amy Kitchingman, official presenter for Physique TV’s On The Go, former Miss Great Britain and the new media influencer for the humongous brand Victoria’s Secret sports collection enumerates four of the most common weight-loss myths that can deceive you.
Myth 1: The Green Light Is On For All Green Tea
Fact: Green tea is definitely one of nature’s best gifts to mankind as it fights toxins, improves mental alertness and helps aid weight-loss, but this doesn’t mean that all green tea products that are on the market are good for you. I’ve seen green tea candy with 50 calories per candy, green tea chocolate with more than 100 calories, green tea chips with more than 200 calories per pack and the worst of them all - the green tea shake that has more than 500 calories per cup as much as a burger with fries.
Green tea is amazing but only in its purest form. The next time you see ‘green tea’ products, read the back of the label. If there’s anything in there that you can’t pronounce, (and this rule goes for pretty much everything) and doesn’t sound like it comes straight from the green tea plant then put it down.
Myth 2: Diet Foods Will Make You Thin
Fact: Although diet food may contain less calories, you have to think about all the nastiest (E numbers and chemicals we can’t even pronounce) that have to go inside them to make them taste like the original version. Personally, I keep away from diet food and prefer to eat plenty of the right food, organic foods, in their natural state. Not only is this going to help me maintain my diet long term instead of binging on diet foods, that really aren’t going to satisfy my bodies’ nutritional needs. But natural foods are going to help my hair, teeth and skin look great too, as well as my waistline.
Myth 3: Less Food, Less Mistake
Fact: This is probably the worst myth that anyone can believe and sadly there are still many people who believes it. Starving or skipping meals is the greatest mistake that you can do to your body. Our body is like a machine and it needs regular fuel to be able to work. Instead of creating a habit that may lead to disorders such as anorexia, try to develop a healthy eating routine in small portions such as 3 light meals and 2 snacks a day composed of fruits and nuts. If you’re combining your diet with a work out you also need to be able to fuel that workout effectively. So feed your body.
Myth 4: Fitness is a Sprint, Not a Marathon
Fact: When people say they are starting a diet, I always ask their near term goals, which are usually to loose weight. And then the long term goals which are usually to keep the weight they have lost off. But to enable this to happen, you need to adapt to a healthy lifestyle. Not just a quick fix of the latest trending diet. These fads are never going to leave you with the long term results you want.
Adapting to an overall healthy lifestyle will help you achieve what it is you want, and help you maintain it. I lost a substantial amount of weight over 4 months but those changes that I made back then to enable me to lose the weight in the first place I still practise now. Achieving your fitness goals is not a race; it’s about how you can make them benefit you the longest.
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