Barka 1 project sets record in operational safety

Business Monday 14/May/2018 15:00 PM
By: Times News Service
Barka 1 project sets record in operational safety

Muscat: Barka 1, one of the first independent water and power projects (IWPP) in the Sultanate owned by ACWA Power Barka, has achieved a major milestone in operational safety by maintaining an impeccable record of zero lost time accidents for the past 16 years. The IWPP is operated by NOMAC Oman. To mark the milestone, ACWA Power Barka and NOMAC Oman organised a special event at the plant on Sunday.
The event was attended by Eng. Salim Al Sibani, Chief Executive Officer of ACWA Power Barka; Dr Mohammed Al Washahi, Barka Plant General Manager at NOMAC Oman; Fahad Al Kindi, HSE Country Manager, NOMAC Oman; and other senior members of the management, as well as staff from all NOMAC Oman businesses.
Set up as the nation’s first dual purpose power generation and desalination plant that is 100 per cent owned by international and local investors, the project now accounts for six per cent of power generation and 27 per cent of desalinated water in Oman.
Al Sibani said, “I am very excited and honoured to be part of today’s event to celebrate 16 years without a Lost Time Accident at APB, which also coincided with OHSE World Day. This impressive milestone is a clear demonstration that APB and NOMAC have jointly taken HSE as part of their business culture at the APB plant. ACWA Power is fully committed to the safety of its staff, contractors, and everyone involved in carrying out our business activities."
“The leadership and management of ACWA Power and NOMA are continuously pursuing ways to enhance knowledge sharing as evident in today’s event where a number of key business partners were invited to present their expertise to all the staff. Our HSE journey is embedded in everything we do and we will continue to be more vigilant and proactive in taking on new business challenges without compromising on safety and protecting the environment,” he added.
Dr. Mohammed Al Washahi, Barka Plant General Manager at NOMAC Oman, said, “We are extremely pleased on reaching this milestone as the plant is of national significance, being Oman’s first dual purpose power generation and desalination plant. Running it safely and smoothly is something all of us here take great pride in. This milestone is a reflection of each and every employee’s commitment to safety. All our people are truly empowered to take action on safety situations at the plant, and our processes such as the Toolbox Talk ensure that every task is analysed, however trivial it may be."
“Along with this, we also take great pride in the way we have simplified complex technical narratives on safety, thereby helping all our stakeholders understand the importance and the techniques to remain safe. Our latest programme of 5S has brought in a huge amount of awareness on safety at the workplace, including at our desks, and workstations. I commend the team for all their efforts,” he added.
Fahad Al Kindi, HSE Country Manager at NOMAC Oman, said, “This achievement is something we are truly proud of. Maintaining this record of safety is a testimony of our HSE practices and it reflects each employee’s commitment in ensuring its success.”
The safety day event started with an inspirational and congratulatory talk by Al Sibani, which was followed by a presentation by the General Manager and Safety Manager, on the importance of safety.
The presentations were followed by exercises to remind stakeholders of the importance of workplace safety, with teams given activities to complete. Overall, it was a day of learning, celebration, teamwork and a time for reflection on the importance of safety, camaraderie and workplace relationships that form a critical part of the safety culture.
Further, the achievements were also echoed at the celebrations held by the contractors separately at the plant on the same day. Together, the entire family at Barka I came together to rededicate themselves to maintain the same high standards in the future.