Oman-based artists showcase their work at World Art Dubai

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By: Times News Service
Oman-based artists showcase their work at World Art Dubai

A number of talented Oman-based artists participated in the prestigious art fair, World Art Dubai, to share their artworks that showcased the geographical and cultural beauty that Oman has to offer. The event that was part of Dubai’s official Art Season was aimed at showcasing an impressive global collection of contemporary paintings, prints, sculptures, photographs, and other fine art collectibles.
Participants came from around the world to celebrate their love for the arts. Some of these artists came from Oman, including Harini Kumar, Elizabeth Davis, Khursheed Raja, Anjali Babu, Pragya Bhatnagar, Tarini Agarwal, Soni Budhia, Shalini Kartik, and Sandesh Rangnekar, among others.
The Oman-based artists who took part in the event served unparalleled artworks that demonstrated their true passion and gave a peek into the traditions of Oman through their eyes, and created masterpieces that will be etched on everyone’s minds for years to come.
Each artist brought his/her own creative spirit into the game, with distinctive aesthetics and interesting characters.
There’s Harini, who describes her artworks as semi-abstract contemporary art pieces; Soni Budhia, an artist of Indian origin, whose artworks carry nuances from the heritage of Oman. She excels in her paintings through provocative interplay of light and shadows and a spectrum of colours; Shalini, who’s influenced by vibrant colours of nature and the urge to experiment with different media in expressing her thoughts; Elizabeth, who’s known for her mixed media works that carry creative and unconventional use of materials; Anjali, the versatile painter of realistic portraits; Pragya, who likes working on abstractions and intricate Islamic patterns; and Sandesh, who adores the ancient art of capturing emotion and expression on a peepal leaf, to name a few.
The artists expressed their passion over representing Oman and its people in their artworks, and said that it comes naturally, especially after living here.
“My paintings represent the culture and vibrancy of the place that I have called home for the most part of my life, Oman,” said Harini, adding, “I am fascinated by the customs and traditions of different sections of society and love to portray them in my artwork.”
“I am highly influenced by the architecture and the generosity of the people of Oman and this became the main theme of all my artwork,” said Soni.
For Khursheed, most of her art is influenced by the natural beauty of the Sultanate, which is reflected in her work. “The most striking thing about Oman is the dramatic play of contrasts and shadows created by the fierce sun,” she said.
World Art Dubai served as a great platform for these creative artists to meet, greet, and learn from one another in a diverse, global environment.
“Our experience at World Art Dubai was exhilarating. For one, the atmosphere was scintillating and really festive. It was great to find ourselves in the midst of such wonderful talent. We got a lot of appreciation from visitors, some of whom were experts in the field of art,” said Harini.
“I wanted to let the world know about the vibrant and rich heritage of Oman. It was a great learning experience and has filled my life with inspiration and empowerment,” said Soni, while Elizabeth agrees that “it was wonderful to absorb all that first hand and learn from it.”
Some artists enjoyed taking part in enriching activities at the exhibition. “Interacting with artists from all over the world, understanding their techniques, watching live demos and attending art talks helped me broaden my horizon,” said Khursheed.
“It was a huge learning curve, very exciting and inspiring. As an experience it gave a glimpse into the artist’s perception of art and how buyers perceive art,” said Tarini.
“The exhibition has been a great way to connect with international buyers that appreciate my peepal leaf painting,” said Sandesh. World Art Dubai will remain as one of the best places in the Gulf committed to supporting arts and culture; it’s a one-stop-shop for established and emerging artists and creative innovators.
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