Last member of Egypt's Revolutionary Command Council Khaled Mohieddin dies

World Sunday 06/May/2018 20:40 PM
By: Times News Service
Last member of Egypt's Revolutionary Command Council Khaled Mohieddin dies

Cairo: The last member of the military council that ruled Egypt after army officers overthrew the monarchy more than six decades ago died on Sunday, a member of his National Progressive Unionist Party said.
Mona Abdel-Radi said that Khaled Mohieddin died at a military hospital in southern Cairo.
He was 95.
Mohieddin was born to a wealthy family in Al Qalyubia governorate, north of Cairo, in 1922 and was among a group of military officers who overthrew King Farouk in July 1952.
He was the last surviving member of the Revolutionary Command Council, a 14-member body that was set up to run Egypt until 1956 when its head, Gamal Abdel Nasser, was elected president.
Mohieddin set up the National Progressive Unionist Party as a leftist opposition group in 1977, which won several seats in parliament under former President Hosni Mubarak.
He was awarded Egypt's highest honour, the Nile medal, in 2013 by interim president Adly Mansour after the military overthrew president Mohamed Mursi following mass protests against his rule.
Egypt's presidency mourned Mohieddin as a "symbol of national political action".
"He had valuable contributions throughout his political history since his participation in the July, 1952 revolution, and also his setting up of the National Progressive Unionist Party which had enriched the partisanship and parliamentary life in Egypt," the presidency said in a statement.