Fruits that reduce your appetite

Lifestyle Saturday 05/May/2018 18:40 PM
By: Times News Service
Fruits that reduce your appetite

Oranges and grapefruit contain both soluble and insoluble fibre along with a particular form of fibre called pectin. The pectin fibre in these fruits suppresses your appetite while providing you with only 70 calories. Oranges and grapefruit also contain many plant nutrients that help to lower blood fats and strengthen your immune system.
Eight ounces of orange or grapefruit juice, on the other hand, contain approximately 130-150 calories and are loaded with refined sugars, which cause your insulin levels to spike and results in sugar being metabolised into fat cells.
Apples are another natural hunger suppressant, since they contain both soluble and insoluble fibre. One medium apple with the skin contains approximately 4 grams of fibre. It also contains pectin, which, combined with the fibre, has a tendency to decrease hunger pangs after you’ve finished a nice big juicy apple. This decrease in hunger occurs because the soluble fibre content of the apple plus water in your digestive tract forms bulk in the intestines, which actually makes you feel full.
Also, the pectin content of apples suppresses your appetite by tricking your brain’s hunger centre (appestat) into believing that you are full, when all you’ve really eaten is one delicious apple. This multi-fibre food fills you up without filling you out. The high fibre content of apples also helps to lower your blood pressure and your blood cholesterol and has been shown to decrease the incidence of colon polyps and colon cancer.
The actual chewing time of eating an apple and the slower digestion due to the formation of bulk (fibre + water) gives your appetite control mechanism time to shut down, so that you feel full earlier. By contrast, eating a piece of cake, which has no fibre and lots of sugar, never stimulates the appestat to shut down, and consequently your body doesn’t know you are full before you have had time to consume two or three pieces of cake. Similarly, you can also eat a cheeseburger, French fries, and a large coke, way in advance of your brain knowing that you are full.
This is because these foods contain lots of fat and refined carbohydrates, which are absorbed quickly, and again increase the blood sugar and blood insulin levels, which leads to hunger.
Apple cider vinegar contains several acids that act as digestive enzymes. These acids (malic and tartaric acid) help to break down carbohydrates slowly, which in turn slows their absorption into the bloodstream. The tart flavour of apple cider vinegar also increases the production of saliva, which also contains enzymes that aid in slower digestion of carbohydrates. You can add 1tbsp of apple cider vinegar to salads for its appetite-suppressing effect. Raspberry vinaigrette dressing (nonfat) also contains some of these appetite-suppressing components. Any type of vinegar dressing, such as olive oil and vinegar, has the ability to suppress your appetite. Just remember to use these dressings in extremely small amounts.