Dreaming of Creating the Perfect Bedroom

Life Style Friday 01/April/2016 17:38 PM
By: Times News Service
Dreaming of Creating the Perfect Bedroom

Sink into some silence - Create white noise to block out sounds that disturb the solitude. Install a stylish ceiling fan with gently whirring blades to give the room a languid, tropical ambiance that will help you relax.
Fluff up your bedding - Give your bed a fresh new look and feel. Buy yourself some soft, cool white sheets. Add a featherlike, comfortable bedspread or quilt, and top it with multiple pillows of all shapes and sizes for a well-rested night’s sleep.
Add fresh houseplants - Living things, like leafy or flowering plants, make a bedroom feel more down to earth. Visit your local garden centre and purchase a variety of houseplants, large or small, to freshen the air.
Simplify for serenity’s sake - Eliminate clutter to keep it out of sight — and out of mind. Add cabinets with built-in organisation features like drawer inserts. Add more shelving in the closet. Use baskets and pottery to keep small items contained. Having everything in its place will help you feel free to relax in your beautiful new bedroom.
Paint the room green - Studies show green has a calming effect when used as a main colour for decorating. A recent homeowner study conducted by Sherwin-Williams found that more than 60 per cent of homeowners would consider adding shades of green into their home, with more than half saying they would use it to paint an entire room.
Lower the lighting - Adjusting the lighting can completely alter the atmosphere in a bedroom. Install a light dimmer or add a programmable timer that turns lights off and on automatically, to help lull you to sleep, yet brighten the room when it’s time to get up. –BPT

Shopping for a New Sofa?
Keep These Design Tips in Mind

Looking for a quick and easy way to freshen up your living room? Look no further than your sofa. A change of upholstery, especially a custom design, can change the look and feel of your room. Today’s sofa styles range from sleek and modern to traditional and timeless with a range of details like tufting and nailheads, shown in ready-to-ship fabrics, or you can pick from an expanded collection of fabric or leather to suit your style and budget. When picking out your new sofa and giving it your own personal touch with a range of custom options, keep these design tips in mind:

Fabric: There are so many pattern and texture options.
How do you decide between a menswear stripe, graphic floral, luxe leather or solid chenille? Look in your closet for guidance. “What colour do you wear more? What’s your favourite pattern? Your home is like your wardrobe and you need to look good in it.”
• Tufting: It’s trending so much so that entire sofas are tufted. But it does come in various degrees. The deeper the tuft, the more dramatic and glamorous the sofa, while a more subtle tuft with simple button detail is more conservative, and contemporary.
• Frame: Rather than concealing the frame in the construction process, designers are exposing it, giving the wood timeworn details and a beautiful finish. Adding an architectural element to the piece, an exposed frame brings another level of style to your space particularly if it’s an open floor plan.
• Finish: The finish of the sofa frame, if exposed, and legs comprise another opportunity to showcase your individual style. You have your choice of many finishes, ranging from a rich walnut to weathered barnwood.
• Finale: If an option, don’t overlook the nailhead detail-the finale to your sofa design. Use nailheads to accent a unique feature of the sofa such as a rolled arm or seat back. But be sure to browse the range of sizes and finishes, including old gold, stainless steel, pewter and gunmetal.