Musical 'On the Land of Gypsies' to end Royal Opera House's 'Legendary' season

Energy Saturday 05/May/2018 21:30 PM
By: Times News Service
Musical 'On the Land of Gypsies' to end Royal Opera House's 'Legendary' season

Muscat: Royal Opera House Muscat will end its Legendary 2017-18 Season with 'On the Land of Gypsies', a spectacular musical play composed and produced by the highly creative Ghadi Rahbani, and directed by his renowned brother Marwan. Following its celebrated premiere at the Casino Du Liban Theatre in Lebanon, 'On the Land of Gypsies' ran for a solid four months and is a hit in the region.
Starring Ghassan Saliba, Aline Lahoud, Paul Suleiman, Pierre Chamoun, the play includes more than seventy of the best actors, singers and dancers in the Rahbani Theatre Company. This colourful drama tackles one of humanity’s most persistent and difficult conflicts, the ancient and ever-recurring struggle for land, posing the question, "What is more important, land or people?”
This dilemma is dramatised through a story about a wealthy Lebanese expatriate named Silvado Hussein who owns a number of lucrative factories in Brazil. When he returns to Lebanon to build a villa for his fiancée on the property that he has recently inherited from his grandfather, Silvado, he finds that his ancestral land has been taken over by a band of gypsies who have established an entrenched community. In accordance with Gypsy squatter rights, they have absolutely no intention of leaving.
As the owner embarks on a quest to regain his land, something unexpected happens. He falls in love with the beautiful young daughter of the Gypsy Chief and is confronted with major cultural differences that clash with the dictates of his heart.
This fabulous and very moving play will be presented at the Royal Opera House Muscat on Friday, May 11 at 7:30 pm and on Saturday May 12, in a special matinée at 4:30 pm.