Hi Social: Hilarious Animation YouTube Channels

T-Mag Thursday 31/March/2016 13:16 PM
By: Times News Service
Hi Social: Hilarious Animation YouTube Channels

1. HISHE (How It Should Have Ended)
Ever wished for an alternative ending to a popular film? Check out HISHE on YouTube, they will make you crack up laughing with their awkward, random moments and twist endings based on blockbuster films. YouTube Channel: HISHEdotcom

2. Simon’s Cat
Simon is an English animator; he portrays living with his mischievous cat in a hilarious 2D animation series. If you are a fan of traditional animation, this is for you. It’s simple, extremely funny, and will no doubt stir up fond memories of your own cute interactions with your cat.
YouTube Channel: simonscat

3. Kharabeesh
We all love a little political satire, and this particular one mocks common and popular issues in the Arab region. The content is pure comedy and the colourful animation is just brilliant.
YouTube Channel: KharabeeshCartoons

4. Cyriak
Our personal favourite this week, Cyriak is well-crafted and nicely done by animator Cyriak Harris, combining animation with visual art and effects. His clips are very funny, unique, and dare we say, addictive. Check it out and see what we’re talking about.
YouTube Channel: cyriak

5. Custard Productions
This channel takes Lego animation and stop-motion style to the next level, from its hilarious short sketches, to its superhero jokes. The production and writing are genius.
YouTube Channel: Keshen8