India opens doors of 83 top institutes for Omani students

Oman Sunday 29/April/2018 21:40 PM
By: Times News Service
India opens doors of 83 top institutes for Omani students

Muscat: India has opened the doors of its 83 premier educational institution for Omani students with the launch of a centralised admission portal.
Omani students now have a choice of more than 15,000 seats available in various disciplines these Indian educational institutions and apply for admission to the institutions and courses of their choice.
What is more, Omani students can apply for admission, to the institutions without paying any fee.
The entire process of picking one of the premier educational institute in India for study, and applying for admission, has been simplified with the launch of a centralised admission portal
An algorithm in the portal will rank the applicants based on their merit and allocate seats based on their choices. These educational institutes have also committed to provide scholarships to more than half of the foreign students.
The amount of scholarship varies from 100 per cent to 25 per cent, depending on the merit of the applicant.
The centralised admission portal also provides comprehensive information on eligibility requirements, fee structures, visa requirements, places of stay, costs of living near the institute, the culture of India, places for travel and experiences shared by foreign students who have studied in India.
With a massive network of some 800 universities and 3,800 colleges, India’s higher education system is among the largest in
the world.
A number of higher education institutions, such as Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs), Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) and medical colleges, are known worldwide for their top quality education at affordable costs. The people of Oman are familiar with India, its culture and its people. India and Oman are geographically close and well connected.
There are 250 flights every week between India and Oman, directly connecting Muscat with 12 cities in India and hundreds more indirectly.
India, therefore, presents a destination of choice for Omani youth for their higher studies.
For further details, please contact the Embassy of India, Muscat, at or 24684555.