Tips for improving your cell phone battery life

Hockey Sunday 29/April/2018 18:34 PM
By: Times News Service
Tips for improving your cell phone battery life

Have you ever been in the middle of a conversation and your phone suddenly shuts down from a low battery? It is a frustrating fact of life; here are some simple ways to improve your cell phone battery life. The first simple trick is to turn your phone off when you don’t need it, if you are not going to answer your phone after you go to bed or when you are at work, turn it off. This will help conserve battery power between charges. Another way to conserve power is to stop searching for a better signal, this often happens during flights if you have forgotten to shut your phone off and it can quickly use up the battery. A cell phone repeater will boost the signals to your phone and alleviate the problem.
Switching to a ringtone instead of using the vibrate feature will also help prolonging your cell phone battery, the same goes for shortening the amount of time your display backlight is visible. If possible, you should not use unnecessary features such as the camera or connecting to the internet if you know that if will be a while before you can charge your phone. A fast and easy way to save your cell phone battery is to keep your phone calls nice and short. Bluetooth headsets should be shut off if you want to conserve power. One of the most important things to remember is to charge your phone correctly; this along with the above tips will help in saving the battery life of your cell phone.
Also do not expose the phone charger at a high temperature, during the summer. Promptly unplug the charger when it is fully charged. Many are accustomed to connecting the phone to the charger all day long for convenience. However, such an approach would lead to some security risks.