Oman accident: Move initiated to question minister over Ibri road crash

Oman Wednesday 30/March/2016 23:08 PM
By: Times News Service
Oman accident: Move initiated to question minister over Ibri road crash

Muscat: A horrific crash which claimed 18 lives has led the Majlis Al Shura to initiate a move to question the Minister of Transport and Communications traffic safety concerns on the Ibri-Fahud road, the Shura member from Ibri has said.
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The accident on the morning of March 1 happened as a bus headed to Dubai from Salalah and a truck headed to Salalah from Dubai crashed into each other.
“Following the accident, a meeting was held with the minister. Now, we have initiated a move to question him. Shura has approved the move. It will be conveyed to the ministry soon,” Shaham Al Shahoomi, the Shura member from Ibri, told Times of Oman.
As a response to the accident, Majlis Al Shura had held a meeting with the Ministry of Transport and Communications to address the issue and a team was formed to study the issues relating to the road and come out with a report to find quick solutions.
The suggestions from Shura members included better maintenance of the road, proper lighting arrangements and earmarking a wider area for shoulders along the 214-kilometre road.
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Using Fahud-Ibri road saves almost 56km and around 30 minutes for time for motorists travelling between Ibri and Dhofar. This encourages people to avoid the Adam-Nizwa-Thumrait road.
Shaukat Hassan, the driver of ill-fated bus – one of the vehicles involved in the accident – says he is struggling to survive both physically and financially.
“I am literally stranded. With paralysed right hand, the day to day life has become a big hurdle. There is no money to buy food also,” Shaukat, who is the sole bread-winner of his four-member family, told Times of Oman.
“I have been advised by medic to take rest for one month. That accident was a big blow to me and my family,” Shaukat added, while claiming he has not been contacted for compensation so far.
“I have to visit hospital frequently. We are staying in a rented flat. My children are studying. I am not fit to go for a job at this stage. Finding money to pay for taxi to visit hospital too has become a big challenge now,” Shaukat said.
One survivor, who lost three of her brothers in the horrific crash, also claimed she has not been contacted about compensation.
MA, who sustained injuries on her head, back and hands in the accident, was travelling on the bus.
“I lost my brothers and many other valuable things,” MA added.
MA was heading to Dubai for shopping with her three brothers.
However, when contacted, a top official from the transport company said they are in touch with the relatives of the accident victims and also with the injured.
“We are in constant touch with the victims’ relatives and also with the injured. All compensation will be provided according to the law. We are liaising with the insurance company and the Royal Oman Police too. We will not leave the affected ones stranded,” Ahmed Salim Al Mashikhi, a top official from the bus company, confirmed to the Times of Oman.

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