#OmanPride: Social media blogging is Halima's true passion

More sports Wednesday 30/March/2016 20:32 PM
By: Times News Service
#OmanPride: Social media blogging is Halima's true passion

Muscat: Halima al Abdul Salam is a name that every social media user in Oman and the region is familiar with.
She is extremely passionate about social media, to the extent that she recently left her decade-long full-time job at a popular bank in Muscat to pursue her passion for social media blogging.
With a whopping 50,000 plus followers on Instagram, this young Omani has created waves in the social media marketing industry and earned a phenomenal reputation in the market for her innovative ideas and creative posts.
“I always try to be creative, I think that is something which has kept me going strong. After my Instagram account started getting popular, there were a lot of people who followed my way and tried to make it big, however most of them failed, probably because of lesser commitment and lack of innovative stuff, and that is my focus,” Salam said.
Apart from social media, Salam has also opened her own business, which deals with marketing and promotions and even more, she also recently opened her office in Bousher.
“People told me that this was the wrong time to leave my job and start a business, however I trusted my instincts and have faith that everything will go well. I am also planning to do more than just marketing and promotions with my new business but that will be announced in time.”
Recently, Salam also started the ‘Coffee with Halima’ event, where she meets with about three of her followers each month at a café and discusses things of interest. “I started this because my followers said they wanted to meet me and I thought it was a fantastic idea because it is a great way to learn from them and they can also learn from me.”
Currently, she is working on innovating her accounts even more, “Earlier, when I was still working at the bank, the social media business was like a side thing for me, however now this has become my primary source of income, so I will need to focus on it more, along with my business.”
Being a social media celebrity can sometimes be difficult and Salam is no exception. “Sometimes, I used to see comments and remarks on my Instagram, which were really bad and I used to get very angry and frustrated about them, however as things progressed, I started ignoring those comments and sometimes even block people who post negative remarks.”
Salam has educated herself about social media by reading books and taking short courses in different countries on the same. “Social media for me is not just any other thing, I love it and I am very much into it, which is why I try to improve myself every day, I try to come up with ideas, which no one else has come up with—even now I am working on getting more video reviews done for social media, which is something new.”
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