Kids visit Engineering Village at COMEX to sharpen their skills

Energy Wednesday 25/April/2018 20:29 PM
By: Times News Service
Kids visit Engineering Village at COMEX to sharpen their skills

Muscat: A large number of kids were seen hovering around the Engineering Village set up at COMEX 2018 held at the Oman Convention and Exhibition Centre. The village aims to focus on developing engineering & technology-related skills through technical training and after-school activities for all ages.
“We established Engineering Village in 2011 and have been working with different age groups from six to 60 year olds. Our focus is mainly on simplifying engineering concepts and teaching kids in a fun-filled way,” said Wail Al Mughairy, co-founder, Engineering Village.
“At school, kids are taught a lot of concepts in a theoretical way, so we at the village provide an after school space where kids can come and work on various projects,” Al Mughairy added.
Space for kids
The Engineering Village participation at the 28th edition of COMEX 2018 is to give space to kids attending the exhibition and allow them to interact with technology, according to the co-founder of the village.
“We have created several areas that include structure building, introduction to coding, electronic circuit building and building blocks at the exhibition so that kids can see what interests them the most,” he added.
At the village, which is located in Muscat, Nizwa and Sohar, Al Mughairy along with other qualified engineers, focus on project-based learning.
“We focus on circuit and electronic building, Information Communications Technology areas, coding for kids and control engineering – starting from basic electronic engineering to robotics,” he added.
“The aim is to provide the tools, experience and environment needed for creativity and innovation especially for kids, who are the future of the Sultanate,” Al Mughairy said.
“The village supplies all sorts of electronic components, logic gates, programmable chips, programmers, sensors, motors, solar panels & a variety of electronics workshop tools to polish the skills of each individual under the supervision of experienced engineers,” he added.