Abeer Medical Group collaborates with KPJ Healthcare Malaysia

Roundup Wednesday 25/April/2018 18:23 PM
By: Times News Service
Abeer Medical Group collaborates with KPJ Healthcare Malaysia

Muscat: Abeer Medical Group, a leading healthcare provider in the GCC and KPJ Healthcare, Malaysia inks pact for medical referrals and other associated cooperation at an event held at Abeer Hospital, Ruwi, Oman in order to ensure easy access to an array of specialised healthcare services.
Malaysia’s growing reputation as an ideal healthcare hub sees it welcoming visitors from around the world seeking remedies for a wide range of medical needs, that include both critical health services as well as cosmetic and remedial care.
Abeer, catering to more than 4 million patients in a year is joining hands with KPJ Healthcare with an eye to considering the requirements for advanced medical care, and providing to the needs effectively.“Medical expertise in Malaysia ranks one among the best in the world, and most private hospitals in the country have been internationally recognised for their quality and standards. This has very much evoked our interest in this strategic partnership,” said Alungal Mohammed, president – Abeer Medical Group.
KPJ Healthcare, the premier healthcare group in Malaysia provides the most advanced IBM's Watson Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment, which are limited to a few hospitals across the globe. The cooperation between the two medical providers would benefit the patients for early detection, treatment and continuity of care. Oncology and Cancer Treatment Planning by IBM’s Watson Software is one of the most advanced and effective modalities in cancer care. Researches indicate a high level of acceptance for this modality, and so is its effectiveness.
The covenant linking Abeer and KPJ Healthcare is the outcome of the pivotal strategic vision formulated by Dr Jemshith Ahmed, vice president - Abeer Medical Group. In consideration of the significant challenges posed by cancer, both the parties by virtue of this agreement will be committed to enhancing the healthcare approach and treatment standards for cancer patients.
Khaled Almaeena, director of Abeer Medical Group assured positive results to the people of Oman through this association. “More such tie-ups would add clarity to the healthcare vision of Abeer as well, which in turn will generate better health benefits to the patients,” said Almaeena. He thanked MIDA (Malaysian Investment Development Authority) in Dubai for their remarkable role in making this collaboration feasible.
“Partnering with Abeer is our pride and pleasure. This is the right time to explore varying treatment requirements of cancer patients, and provide them optimum care,” commented Dato’ Dr Sivamohan N, official delegate of KPJ Healthcare.
“We are highly committed to continuing and expanding the relationship between Abeer Medical Group and KPJ Healthcare. By capitalising on the best available healthcare practices and the finest medical expertise, we will be able to provide world-class hassle-free healthcare,” remarked Jamsheer Hamza, director - Abeer Medical Group, Oman.
Dr Sukumaran Vengayil, Medical director - Abeer Hospital, Muscat stated that the tie-up would help physicians augment their own experience and expertise to deliver evidence-based care to get the best possible outcome in cancer treatment.
The key healthcare benefit that the people of Oman would be rendered through Abeer Hospital as part of this alliance is the facility of bariatric surgery. Obesity and related diseases are rampant in the Sultanate. The trend so far is that the patients are mostly depending on the healthcare facilities in other countries like Malaysia for treatment.
Considering this current situation, Abeer Hospital now offers comprehensive plan to treat morbid obesity in collaboration with KPJ Healthcare. Treatment expense in Malaysia is very competitive as compared to that in many developed countries, and healthcare expertise in the country ranks among the best in the world. Also, medical specialists are highly qualified professionals with international standards and are supported by well-trained para-medical staff.
Located on Ruwi High Street, Abeer Hospital offers free valet parking facilities for the patients. The hospital has sourced excellent clinicians, nurses, paramedics and other support staff to offer premium care in affordable pricing. A multi-ethnic team of more than a dozen nationalities ensure cultural synchronisation and reach to the different expatriate communities as well as nationals.