e-justice system ‘Tawtheeq’ unveiled in Oman

Energy Tuesday 24/April/2018 15:01 PM
By: Times News Service
e-justice system ‘Tawtheeq’ unveiled in Oman

Muscat: The Ministry of Justice participated in COMEX 2018, showcasing its e-justice system, “Tawtheeq”, which shifts the Ministry’s services to an integrated electronic business environment without violating laws.
Connected to G-Cloud, which applies the highest protection standards, the system will facilitate integration with all government entities. The system provides 147 e-Services, 74 of which include personal status, agencies, endorsements, contracts, pledges, and certifications issued by the Notary Public. It can access archives of millions of special documents on personal status, and other transactions. Som 22 services relate to lawyers’ affairs, including registration, law agencies, private companies and certificates. The system provides 11 Administration of Experts services regarding registration, follow-ups and centres of excellence. Six services are of the Committees of Arbitration and Reconciliation concerning requests for personal and commercial arbitration.
and reconciliation, and the management of meetings and operational modalities.
There are four services of the Office of Attestations, which concern registration of signatures and the certification of documents required for attestation, and 19 services for the investment of funds for orphans and minors, and the receipt and payment of their assets. In addition, there are six judicial police services, which are concerned with the provision of permits to those wishing to grant their employees the status of judicial control, as well as a number of technical support services, internal correspondence and audit services.
The e-justice system will be integrated with more than 18 governmental bodies such as the Council of Administrative Affairs for the Judiciary, the Public Authority of Manpower Registry, the Royal Oman Police, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Social Affairs, Ministry of Higher Education, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Ministry of Manpower, Ministry of Civil Service, Ministry of Housing, Ministry of Regional Municipalities and Water Resources, in addition to the Information Technology Authority, Muscat Municipality and the National Records and Archives Authority.
Digital certification using the ID card or the mobile SIM card will be the main way to sign into the portal, Tawtheeq. Therefore, all users of Tawtheeq services must have digital certification in their ID or change their SIM cards to benefit from the app.
The e-justice system is user-friendly. The Ministry will provide user-guide clips for all services provided in the Tawtheeq portal. A user should access the Ministry’s website www.moj.gov.om, select the electronic Tawtheeq portal icon, enter the passcode, choose the type of service required (Notary Public, Arbitration and Reconciliation Committees, Advocates, Experts’ Affairs, Attestations Office, Investing Funds of Orphans and Minors and Judicial Police Services), fill in the data and attach the required documents according to the type of service, and then pay electronically the prescribed fees. The user will receive alerts via text messages and e-mail, and the last step is to visit the relevant body to finalise the service.