Tips and tricks to keep your car looking new

Music Sunday 22/April/2018 18:50 PM
By: Times News Service
Tips and tricks to keep your car looking new

While most of your time will be spent preparing your home, clothes and family calendars for the warmer weather, it’s important not to forget about your car. Start with these smart and simple tips to improve your ride:
Freshen up the interior
Interior and exterior cleaning makes a big difference in keeping a car looking and driving its best, but that doesn’t solve odour issues. To finalise car prep and maintenance, make sure to use a product that will leave the car smelling as good as it looks. Innovative and discrete vent sticks and mini diffusers from car fresheners that come in a wide variety of scents and are an affordable, long-lasting way to keep a car smelling great.
Clean and protect the interior
The interior, especially leather, is the most used and abused part of a car. Over time, constant use and sun damage can result in your leather interior drying out, causing it to fade, crack and rip. A quick and trusted way to address this issue is to use leather cleaner and conditioner. The easy two-step process will help clean, restore and protect a car’s interior, keeping it looking and feeling like new.
Check your battery
Start by making sure the battery is mounted correctly and the connections are free from corrosion. Also, consider replacing the battery if it’s older than five years, which will ensure you don’t get stranded out on the road.
Check and replace basic car items
Before heading out on any lengthy adventures, make sure the car is up-to-date on oil changes. During the oil change a technician should also check and replenish other fluids like the brake, transmission, windshield wiper and power steering fluids, as well as your coolant. This often forgotten about maintenance will help a car run smoothly for months to come.
Wash and wax
No matter the season, a car that is driven daily is constantly battling the elements, which can cause damage to its exterior. Washing regularly and waxing at least twice a year is an easy way to keep a car looking its best, protecting it from damaging UV rays, road debris, tree sap and rusting. When washing and protecting, don’t forget about tyres and wheels. Use affordable, easy-to-use sprays that cling to the dirt on the surface of most wheels and tyres, easily removing brake dust, grime and grease; giving your wheels and tyres a spotless, professional look.