SQU students produce eco-friendly soap

More sports Saturday 21/April/2018 19:34 PM
By: Times News Service
SQU students produce eco-friendly soap

The alarming increase in pollution is one of the biggest concerns today, and several efforts are being made, time and again, to raise awareness among people. Moreover, harmful chemicals in everyday consumer products, such as soaps, only aggravate the problem.
Doing their bit for the environment, a group of girls who are students of Sultan Qaboos University (SQU) — Arwa Al Maskari, Ibtisam, Safia, and Dhikrayat — collaborated on a project to produce an eco-friendly soap. “This project is an environment-friendly one. It meets the user’s need for soap, while at the same time providing nourishment to plants,” said Arwa, who is the founder of this project.
Arwa, a student of chemistry, said, “This soap is made of natural materials that do not harm the environment. It is made of recycled food waste mixed with other natural materials, without any chemicals. That’s what distinguishes it from other artificial soaps. It gives the same good smell, removes fat, and kills bacteria, thus reducing environmental pollution.”
When asked about the difficulties faced by the team while making this soap, Arwa said that when they began working on this project, lack of experience in making soap was one of the biggest hindrances. “However, we were able to overcome the problem by asking specialists and learning more about making soap,” she added.
While they have started by producing only a small amount of soap as an experiment, they are planning to further develop the product and produce larger quantities.
“We are looking for supporters to develop our product and help us produce in bulk,” she added.