Digital artist’s works combine reality with fiction

More sports Monday 16/April/2018 19:33 PM
By: Times News Service
Digital artist’s works combine reality with fiction

Have you seen eye-catching digital creations on billboards across the city? Chances are you are admiring the work of Anas Al Balushi, one of Oman’s best digital artists, whose imagination runs deep into the world of photography and art.
Browsing through Anas’s work is nothing short of a trip to an imaginative mind. He is the true definition of a multitasking artist who lives to create and master a variety of techniques all by himself. His creative spirit brings about unparallel talent that puts him atop the list of visual content creators and commercial photographers.
The Muscat artist draws inspiration from different things and situations, which he encounters on a daily basis. To him, photography is more than just a camera and a good shot, it’s a way to express visions and tell interesting tales that carry useful messages and back stories. “My photography and art are widely inspired by the environment I’m in, they have a big role to play in the picture,” said Anas, adding that “the most important thing that may inspire the photographer is the existence of a deep message hidden in the scene.”
He continued saying that some of his content is created to raise awareness. His artwork on mobile scams is a great example: A huge phone with a massive hand coming out of it to attack the user, who is depicted in a miniature size. “The picture is a message to the community, and it can also raise awareness,” he said.
After taking notes on the environment and putting a couple of positive messages within the photo, he dives into his own world full of comic ideas, where he combines reality with fiction, delivering outstanding and memorable works of art.
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