Laundry tips for fresher, cleaner clothes

Lifestyle Sunday 15/April/2018 19:03 PM
By: Times News Service
Laundry tips for fresher, cleaner clothes

Clothes can be particularly vulnerable to all kinds of stains and odours during the warm weather months. Check out these tips for doing your laundry in a way that keeps clothes fresh and looking new as long as possible.
Understand the basics. Different stains require different cleaning agents, and unfortunately, there is no one single ingredient that cleans all kinds of stains well. For example, milk and grass stains require enzyme cleaners, while ink or beverage stains require peroxides. Of course, clothes also need brighteners and detergents to come out looking their best. Understanding these basic principles can help you treat clothes more effectively.
Pre-treat stains. Stained clothing should be pre-treated with a tough, multi-faceted solution. Rub in pre-treatment gently and wait three to five minutes. Just be careful not to allow the solution to dry on the fabric. Some garments will need a longer pre-treatment. If so, add the solution to water and soak the soiled clothing in a bucket before washing as usual.
Fight odour. Select products that keep laundry fresh longer.
Extend the life of clothes. Pair a great detergent with a laundry booster that can tackle multiple types of stains. For example, Biz has more stain fighters than other brands, while also brightening clothes. Available in powder, liquid and liquid boosters, independent, third party tests have shown that works 80 per cent better than detergent alone.
Read the tags. When in doubt, referencing tags for washing and drying directions can help you best maintain a garment’s colour, brightness and shape. No matter what sort of adventures you and your clothes get into this season, adopting better laundry habits can mean keeping your family’s garments fresh-smelling and stain-free.