Students speak their mind through art

More sports Saturday 14/April/2018 18:52 PM
By: Times News Service
Students speak their mind through art

More than 100 paintings were showcased at an exhibition held at Bilad Bani Bu Ali School in South Al Sharqiyah governorate. The paintings were the works of the school’s female students between the ages of 15 and 18 years, who are pursuing fine arts courses.
The artworks ranged from 48 panels and 74 paper drawings to 19 plaster sculptures, from the different fields of fine arts such as cubism, surrealism, abstract art, realism, calligraphy, and pop art; each one reflecting their creativity and talent. Manar Al Gahnbosi, 17, who presented 10 of her paintings at the exhibition, said: “I feel so happy and proud to see my drawings in the exhibition.”
“After graduation, I hope to get an opportunity to study the art course in Sultan Qaboos University, and if I do not get the chance, I will still work on improving my skills in drawing,” Manar added.
Jamila Al Hkmani, a student of grade 12, said: “Ten paintings of mine were presented at the exhibition. Surrealism art is my medium and I always follow the work of global and local surrealism artists to learn from them and take inspiration from their work. I also add my own touch to the paintings.”
“I feel very happy when people visiting the exhibition ask me about the paintings and praise my work. I am very grateful to the school teachers for helping us develop our technical skills and for trusting our abilities,” Jamila added.
Fatima Al Saadia, a teacher of fine arts, said: “School exhibitions aim to discover and embrace talent, develop the artistic taste of the students, and improve them. They also aim at improving the creative process, developing the students’ sensory and intellectual abilities, and strengthening the relationship between the students and the school and the spirit of cooperation and unity of feelings between the student, the teachers, and the school administration.”
“Art is a real translation of the student’s knowledge, skills, and reflection of his/her ideas. This exhibition is a small window for connoisseurs and viewers, to draw their attention to the talents of promising students in the various art fields, and through this exhibition, we invite the community to recognise these creative abilities,” Moza Al Arimi, another fine arts teacher, said.