Why should you take your baby to the pool?

Lifestyle Wednesday 11/April/2018 19:21 PM
By: Times News Service
Why should you take your baby to the pool?

Swimming lessons for babies are getting more and more popular nowadays. Infants can’t walk yet, but they feel wonderful in water. When babies can start learning to swim? What are the benefits of swimming? How to prepare baby for first swimming lesson and what to bring to the swimming pool? Here’s a guide for parents who want to take their babies to the pool for the first time.

When parents can start taking babies to the pool?
The best moment to start teaching baby to swim is between 4 and 7 months. For such a small baby swimming is very pleasant. They are not afraid of water, because they still remember it from mother’s belly. That’s why infants feel so happy in pool. What should parents keep in mind when they plan on taking their baby to the pool? The most important thing is that the child should be healthy. When the baby has a runny nose or a cold, obviously it’s not the right time for going to the pool.

What are the benefits of swimming?
By taking babies to the swimming pool from the earliest months of life parents can take care of their proper development. Swimming has really positive influence on infants:
•It provides motor stimulation and allows to practice balance.
•It strengthens immunity, making baby less susceptible to viruses.
•It strengthens the respiratory system and teaches infants to breathe regularly.
•Babies can practice their motor skills.
•Water engages all senses which has a beneficial influence on baby’s psychophysical development.
•Parents swimming with their babies can strengthen their bond in this way.
•It gives babies confidence.
•After playing in the pool, baby falls asleep more easily which also gives parents a moment of rest.

How to prepare baby for the first visit to the pool and how to choose a swimming pool?
Going to the pool with an infant for the first time may be a little stressful for parents. They may have doubts whether such an activity won’t be harmful for their child. If you want to be sure swimming will be beneficial for the baby, you should keep in mind few things, before the first visit to the pool.
•Check if the swimming pool, you are going to choose, have changing tables in the cloakroom. It would make changing and dressing the baby much more easier.
•Is there a special swimming pool for little babies with warmer water (88-97°F)?
Before signing your baby for swimming lessons, take him to the pool a few times and see if he likes it. If the baby enjoyed playing, bouncing and floating in water you can choose swimming lessons specially prepared for infants.

What parents should bring to the pool?
If you are going with your little baby to the pool, you should remember to take a few things with you.
•Baby towel – towel with hood would be the best. After taking baby out of the water you should immediately wrap him up with a towel and gently dry.
•Cloth diaper or changing pad — something that you could put on the changing table.
•Swim diapers — it’s better to take extra one.
•If the baby drinks water, you should also bring it.
After playing in the pool, baby may be really thirsty and hungry. Therefore you should also have some snacks, fruits or a lunch.
•Prepare some clothes for baby to wear after swimming. If the weather is bad, don’t forget ti carry a warm blanket and a cap.
•You can also take with you a special baby ring for floating and swimming.
If your baby is at least four months old you can try taking him to the pool. This activity may be beneficial for his development and it may be a wonderful time that both of you remember for a long time.