Here's how to look cool for the summer

T-Mag Wednesday 11/April/2018 17:51 PM
By: Times News Service
Here's how to look cool for the summer

Flashy colours, floral prints, and Hawaiian T-shirts are the first things that come to mind when we put “summer” and “fashion” together in a sentence. While that is fine for those who are looking for that typical beach vibe, it’s now time to level up our style and give it a little bit of an upgrade that makes us look simple, yet fashionable and ready for the summer. This summer let us go for bold choices and whimsical pieces that will not only look unique, but will probably bring out our personality. Here are four trends to get you beach-ready for the summer.

Strap On Sandals
Flip-flops have been the go-to option for footwear when hitting the beach, but this year the trend won’t fly. Yes, they are inexpensive, easy to wear, and come in all colours of the rainbow; but ditch those slip-ons and go for a more practical alternative. My absolute favourite: the sandal.

Strap-on sandals never run out of style, and they add a hint of glamour to whatever ensemble you are wearing. They go perfectly well with tank tops and shorts. If you are not planning on getting all wet and dirty, go for fashionable options, but we both know how tempting it is to play volleyball and get all messy; so, opt for sportswear sandals that have straps and are adjustable. Adidas and Nike sell some of the best sandals in the market: Quality? Check. Style? Check and check.

Make sure to get a perfect size, as a sandal that’s slightly loose can end up becoming a nightmare.

Sport Short Shorts
Perhaps its time to set aside the conventional wisdom of fashion and bin the board shorts. Short shorts are the new trend inspired by the 80s, and they have made quite a controversial comeback in recent years on fashion runways.

It may not seem that appealing for beach-going folks in Oman, but it will sure accentuate that hamstring you’ve been working on in the gym. These short shorts can transform your look into a cooler one, especially if you sport a great physique. Instead of wearing long, baggy shorts, opt for trunks that are above the knee (shorter than normal shorts, but longer than boxers) and pair them with your favourite tee. You’ll look cool, and you can also enjoy a dip in them, easily.

Go for camouflaged patterns, structural designs and denims and leave your plain-coloured ones in the closet.

Put On Fun Tops
Forget about single-coloured T-shirts and flashy colours this season, and opt for a simple and fun tropical design that’s neither too Hawaii nor too boring. If patterns aren’t your thing, go for plain T-shirts with an interesting graphic on them. Something as simple as a quote can add a tonne of character to your tee. You can check House of Zaya for some tees with Arabic calligraphy and funky designs.

Wearing such tees tells people that you are a fun guy who’s ready to mingle. So, why not hit the beach in these and make new friends? And please, no Real Madrid or Barcelona logos on T-shirts; those are definitely the opposite of cool.

Wear Killer Shades
Shades not only complete your look, but also flatter your face and bring out your charisma and character. So, make sure to pick the right sunglasses that go with your style and face. There are many eyewear brands and designs in the market that will make your head spin; in the end, it’s all about your personal style and what works for your face. If you want to follow the trend, aviator shades with curvilinear shapes and reflective lenses are options that are super cool. And, I personally love round, Harry Potter sunglasses that complete that funky, quirky look you’re going for this summer. — [email protected]